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A Message from Lisa Hoffman + the Alliance of Artists Communities

As you reflect on this week’s elections, I ask you to look through the lens of our organization’s name – Alliance of Artists Communities. I believe it is a metaphor for the ways we must approach life today. [ read more ]


Image above: City of Asylum | Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon

Thank you to the 300+ arts leaders from across the globe who joined us in Portland for the Alliance of Artists Communities' 2016 Annual Conference. Find pictures, presentations and other resources from this year's conference here!


Through the Alliance membership and meetings I have met and befriended so many people who have such a vast knowledge of the artist-in-residency field. These experts have been welcoming, open for questions, and so supportive of the emerging members.

Michele Richey
Prairie Center of the Arts

The Alliance has the tools to help you find a residency that's right for you