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Visions from the New California | 2007 Artists

From 2003 to 2012, six California visual artists were selected each year for the Visions from the New California Award – a one-month residency, a $4000 fellowship, and inclusion in a nationally distributed publication featuring the year's awardees.

Read about the 2007 awardees below or click Artists to see all the awardees since 2003.







Visions from the New California

Binh Danh

San Jose, California

“The histories I search for are the hidden stories embedded in the landscape around me. In my search, I collect, preserve, and evaluate biological specimens and historical artifacts, both concrete and metaphorical. My goals are to weave these findings into larger society and explore the commonality among people of the United States in making multicultural history.”

Binh Danh

John Leaños

new media artist
San Francisco, California

“I worked on a bilingual new media operatic composition and installation that departs from my personal experiences of performing critical art in a time of so-called ‘infinite war. ”

John Leanos

Yoon Lee

San Francisco, California

“In my work, I am interested in visualizing the way information travels through space.... The vastness of the L.A. landscape made me want to explore extreme horizontal spaces. I’ve also taken on a new initiative to promote other artists’ works that I admire.”

Yoon Lee

Sarah Perry

mixed media sculptor and illustrator
Acton, California

“After coming to Djerassi, you might create something that would never have otherwise existed. You could discover one or two new lifetime friends. You might land in your body, and find that those dark places are yours and that growth can hurt but is always worth it. You may learn that what is precious is what you left back home. Your peripheral vision could double. You may discover that your breathing has changed, and you are forever one degree hotter. You will certainly feel grateful. I did.”

Sarah Perry

Sergio De La Torre

photographer and performance/ installation/video artist
San Francisco, California

“My projects address and directly engage the population which, like me, was excluded from the art world.... I seek to merge artmaking with community development and to ensure that a film’s voice will be truly that of its subjects.”

Sergio De La Torre

Lauren Woods

filmmaker and video artist
San Francisco, California

“Residencies further the exchange of ideas and promote space for critical thinking and dialogue to be challenged. To be taken out of one’s usual environment for any amount of time can cause awakenings.... I know the experience will affect and manifest throughout my practice for the time to come.”

Lauren Woods