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Visions from the New California | 2008 Artists

From 2003 to 2012, six California visual artists were selected each year for the Visions from the New California Award – a one-month residency, a $4000 fellowship, and inclusion in a nationally distributed publication featuring the year's awardees.

Read about the 2008 awardees below or click Artists to see all the awardees since 2003.







Visions from the New California

Michael Arcega

sculptor and new genres artist
San Francisco, California

“The studio time, space, and financial support of this residency have been an important aspect of my professional art practice. But more importantly, the psychological space to think and the emotional gratification from a program that validates one’s efforts.”

Michael Arcega

Nathan Cordero

mixed media artist
Sacramento, California

“One month in a beautiful landscape with other artists was what I needed to complete what has been building up in sketch books and inside myself.... The opportunity to listen to what other artists were doing and share what I had in mind is what I imagined art school to be like. I've made it this far without a degree of any sort, but I can now say I’ve gotten something from working with hard-working people who do.”

Nathan Cordero

Amitis Motevalli

conceptual artist
Los Angeles, California

“Being in the serene and natural environment at Montalvo was just what I needed to get my thoughts together and execute my piece (and installation/ performance called Shrine of the Innocents and Martyred). My piece is about violence and I had been witness to much of this violence. There was something about connecting with nature that allowed me to reflect on everything I had experienced and seen. I was able to translate my reflections into my work.”

Amitis Motevalli

Christine Nguyen

photographer and installation artist
Glendale, California

“A residency offers a chance to explore and contemplate about oneself, works and experience a different environment while meeting other creative people. It is also an opportunity for an artist to try things they wouldn’t have tried otherwise back at home. A little fresh air for the mind.

“I will remember the Headlands as being my paradise and sanctuary. I’ll take with me a very favorable memory, new friendships, and new works in progress.”


Christine Nguyen

Marco Rios

Rosemead, California

“The residency was perfect because it allowed me to finally sit down and think of what ideas to pursue for the following year. So half the time I spent researching, the other half I spent producing a piece that had been sitting inside my head for so long it needed to be exorcised.”

Marco Rios

Sara Velas

Los Angeles, California

“When I returned from Kala, one person asked me how I felt and my response was ‘calm.’  In some ways this felt somewhat surprising because I might have expected that I would return with a feeling of intense or frantic energy. But, I think the effect of the residency was more like a lasting meditation and, though while productive and working, it inspired more of a calm time of reflection on my artistic aims.”

Sara Velas