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Visions from the New California | 2009 Artists

From 2003 to 2012, six California visual artists were selected each year for the Visions from the New California Award – a one-month residency, a $4000 fellowship, and inclusion in a nationally distributed publication featuring the year's awardees.

Read about the 2009 awardees below or click Artists to see all the awardees since 2003.







Visions from the New California

April Banks

photographer and installation artist
Oakland, California

“The residency was crucial for providing time and space to experiment without the pressure of an outcome. It allows room for 'failure' and discovery through failure.”

April Banks

Terry Berlier

sculptor and installation artist
La Honda, California

“The residency offers time away from my normal routines to fully indulge and embrace in my practice. To exchange and explore new directions in my work without contraints of outcome. Time and support to do what we do best: make art.”

Terry Berlier

Jane Castillo

installation artist
Chino, California

“The residency was such an awesome gift! I felt such gratitude for the blessing of time, studio, support and focus. It lifted my spirits, validated my artistic pursuits, and allowed me to grow spiritually and as an artist... I will always remember how wonderful it was to be 'present' as an artist. What a luxury this has been.”


Jane Castillo

Glynnis Reed

Los Angeles, California

“I will remember my incredible focus and productivity and I will bring the higher level of attunement to my practice when I return home. This was a time to stretch creatively and embrace the possibilities in my continued exploration of art-making.”


Glynnis Reed

Josué Rojas

painter, video artist, and journalist
Oakland, California

“Working isolated and by myself was a strengthening experience. Solitude provided a certain level of clarity that would have been otherwise hard to achieve. I will always remember the importance of listening to myself — I became better acquainted with my voice — and to confront my demons, not drown them in daily living activities.”

Josue Rojas

George Two Horses

mixed media artist
Long Beach, California

“My current work is created with a desire to inform and encourage social change, and to question our time, our way of life; to permeate the visual culture with oddities, to raise questions. Working and living — even just for a month — in a different atmosphere, meeting other creative people and sharing ideas, is a great gift”

George Two Horses