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Dance + Performance Track

In 2009 a national cohort of professional artists and organizers convened at MANCC (Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography) to explore the lack of systemic support for residencies in the performing arts. This convening ignited a dialogue that, followed by the Alliance of Artists Communities' 2011 report, Mind The Gap: Artist Residencies and Dance, encouraged the field to invest more deeply in the making practices of artists working in dance, theater and performance.

Now, ten years later we are excited to host a Dance + Performance Track - a special summit bringing leaders together to explore our field's recent history with residencies for dance and performance artists, evaluate our current practices and contemplate advancing new systems of support for the future.

Embedded within the Alliance of Artists Communities 28th Annual Conference in Philadelphia, the Dance + Performance Track will run across three days (October 16-18, 2018) included as part of the general registration to attend the conference. Featuring leaders from MANCC, Emily Johnson/Catalyst, Mt. Tremper Arts, Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, Jacob’s Pillow, Headlong Dance Theater and many more! All are welcome!



How have residency platforms supporting dance and performance evolved over the last decade? What has been accomplished? Who has been supported? 

What are smaller and artist-run spaces doing to provide for themselves all that isn't being provided in "established" or traditional models of residency programs? Who's being left behind? Are there ways that artists "doing it for themselves" can be more productive and sustainable?  What can the broader field learn from these efforts? 

Have residency programs managed to keep up in meeting the needs of our dance and performance-focused artists in this shifting creative landscape? What are some comprehensive and reliable strategies for better connectivity amongst providers? Where is the field headed and how can we collectively support the field more broadly. What role should the Alliance of Artists Communities play in these efforts moving forward?



Arielle Julia Brown | Creative Producer and Social Practice Artist
Jennifer Calienes | Independent Consultant and Interim Deputy Director, Jacob's Pillow
Anna Drozdowski | Conductor of Projects
Joseph Hall | Deputy Director, BAAD! Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance
Emily Johnson | Artist
Daniel Alexander Jones | Artist
Lela Aisha Jones | Founder & Director, FlyGround
Carla Peterson | Director, Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography
Craig T. Peterson | Artistic Director, Abrons Arts Center
David Sheingold | Independent Consultant
Amy Smith | Co-Director, Headlong Dance Theater
David Szlasa | Design and Programming Consultant
Crystal Wei | Executive Director, Mount Tremper Arts
LaNeshe Miller-White | Executive Director, Theatre in the X


The Dance + Performance Track is part of the 28th Annual Conference. You can sign up by completing full conference registration.