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10/13/18 - 10/15/18 | Philadelphia | PA
10/15/18 - 10/18/18 | Philadelphia | PA
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All activities at the History Colorado Center, 1200 N Broadway, Denver, CO unless otherwise noted.

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11:30am - 4:30pm

Loveland Arts Tour

Explore the foothills of Colorado during a special preconference afternoon in Loveland. Since 1972, bronze foundries like Art Castings of Colorado and Bronze Services of Loveland have been attracting artists from around the world. With the recent addition of Artspace and Artworks Loveland, adding over 50 working artists to Loveland's downtown sector, this community is being transformed by the arts in unexpected ways.

Separate registration is required ($40 fee) for this optional preconference tour. Loveland is about an hour from Denver. Transportation, lunch and a drink are included!

4pm - 6 pm

Registration + Check-In
The Holiday Inn Express (lobby), 401 17th Street | Denver, CO 

Pick up your registration packet, sign up for tours and gather general information.

6pm - 8pm

Opening Night Reception
Denver Arts + Venues' McNichols Building, 144 West Colfax, Denver, CO

Help us kick off the 2017 Conference in style! Connect with old friends and make new ones during the festive opening reception at this contemporary Denver hub for arts, culture and events in a stunning Greek Revival building.  

Free for attendees! Cash bar and hors d'oeuvres will be served.


All activities at the History Colorado Center, 1200 N Broadway, Denver, CO unless otherwise noted.

8:30am - 4:30pm

Registration + Check-In
History Colorado Center (lobby)
Pick up your registration packet, sign up for tours and gather general information. Coffee/tea will be available in the Colorado Room.

Funder Consultations
Sign up for one-on-one consultations with featured funders including the National Endowment for the Arts. First come, first served. Sign up available at registration desk.

9am - 10:15am

Welcome to Denver!

Lisa Hoffman | Executive Director, Alliance of Artists Communities
Margaret Hunt | Director, Colorado Creative Industries

Keynote: Okwui Okpokwasili | Artist

We're thrilled to present Okwui Okpokwasili, whose artistic practice occurs at the intersection of theater, dance, and installation. Okwui's Bessie Award-winning piece Bronx Gothic (2013) is the subject of an eponymous new documentary by Andrew Rossi. She has been lauded as a "force" (Gia Kourlas, The New York Times) and a "performer of extraordinary grace and power" (Helen Shaw, Time Out New York).

10:30am - 4:30pm

Board Track
Join us for the Board Track - a highly productive day of workshops and discussions designed for board members and staff of cultural organizations addressing strategies for shaping a healthy, passionate board; embracing governance responsibilities; and building fundraising expertise. (Advance registration required. Click the link above for more information.)

10:30am - 12pm

Breakout Sessions 


(1) Open Call: Curating a Cohort

As temporary communities, each artist cohort has a powerful effect on the energy and direction of the host program. This panel addresses the complex process for building a community of artists that not only aligns with the vision of the residency but supports challenging work, advances artists at various career stages, represents a wide range of voices and reflects many approaches to making art. This panel will consider the adjudication process of an open call and the role that program staff play in relation to the external jury and selecting panelists who will uphold the integrity of the program. What does it take to create healthy, supportive cohorts of participants?

Sharon Maidenberg
| Executive Director, Headlands Center for the Arts
Nat May
| Executive Director + Co-founder, Hewnoaks Artist Colony
Rebecca Parker
| Program Director, Ox-Bow School of Art and Artists' Residency
Sanjit Sethi
| Director, Corcoran School of the Arts and Design | George Washington University (moderator)
Teresa Silva | Director of Exhibitions & Residencies, Chicago Artists Coalition (CAC)

(2) Beyond The Studio: Art/Science Collaborations (Part A)

Many artists seek experiences of unique places, environments and communities as a formative aspect to their work. Artist residencies are now being hosted in science research stations, in remote wilderness areas and aboard boats and trains. In some cases, the experience or the research becomes the work itself. Beyond the Studio is a two-part series exploring these models.

Artists and scientists work and think in different ways, but the process of inquiry has many common dimensions. With a growing number of residencies embedded in science institutions, we consider: How can artistic practice more deeply inform the field of scientific inquiry? How can artists not just be in proximity to science but help create outcomes that have a broad impact on larger systems including research funding, policy and public perception? And how can interdisciplinary practices de-silo information, integrating science organizations and their work within communities?

Nina Elder | Artist (moderator)
Collin Haffey | Place-Based Ecologist
Frederick Swanson
| Research Geologist, USDA Forest Service
Sylvia Torti
| Associate Director, Mapping Meaning
Cedra Wood
| Independent Artist

(3) Borderless: Moving Artists + Ideas in Our Time

Cultural practitioners have argued for the fundamental importance of the borderless cultural engagement realized through residency platforms. Through the Connecting Through Culture Initiative the Brademas Center in New York, is bringing together artists, administrators and funders to explore innovative models in fostering international exchange - with an eye for trends in cultural exchange and the challenges to those engaged in it. Their work considers how they are funded and institutional arrangements, their diverse impacts, ideals and relationships to each other. Join key partners in this project for a lively two-way discussion on borderless exchange in action.

Alberta Arthurs | Senior Fellow, John Brademas Center of New York University
Cecily Cook | Senior Program Officer, Asian Cultural Council
Erin Johnston | Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
Zeyba Rahman | Senior Program Officer, Building Bridges Program, Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art

(4) Program Agility and the Changing Landscape of Performance

Pathways to secure resources in the field of performance are constantly in flux. Sources of time, space and funding shift. Media and digital connectedness alter the creative workflow. New residency centers and programs are being developed to meet these needs. Join us for a long table conversation examining how new programs are being developed to meet the changing needs of artists and anticipate the future of performance residencies.  

Nora Alami | Associate Producer, Gibney Dance
Carla Peterson | Director, Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography
Craig T. Peterson | Artistic Director, Abrons Arts Center
David Szlasa
| Director, Petronio Residency Initiative
Indah Walsh | Choreographer, Performer + Program Administrator, NYU Tisch Initiative for Creative Research

12pm - 1pm

Lunch (provided)

1:30pm - 3pm

Breakout Sessions 


(1) Embodied Awareness: What Our Facilities Are Really Saying About Us

Whether urban or rural, large or small, purpose-built or adaptive re-use, residency programs express our missions through the physical spaces offered to artists-in-residence. Join Madison Cario as the session opens with a short workshop on embodied awareness and a primer on how to audit your program's space. With ADA compliance as just one among many arrows in the quiver, we will examine ways our spaces communicate values and how they can become welcoming environments for all artists. Leaders from three residency centers review economically practical design ideas as well as communications practices with artists before, during and after residency.

Madison Cario | Director, Office of the Arts at Georgia Institute of Technology
David Macy
| Resident Director, The MacDowell Colony
Jessica Todd
| Residency Manager, Rauschenberg Residency

(2) Approaches to Alumni Networks

All artist residency programs have alumni: a growing network of individuals who have the shared experience of the program, and often a tremendous sense of gratitude and a strong desire to stay connected. Activating and engaging alumni communities can be a key element to building and sustaining a successful residency program. The means of engagement—the strategies, tactics, and models—are quite varied, but in surveying a broad range of programs some best practices do emerge. This session invites questions and open dialogue around challenges and opportunities of building a robust alumni program.

Andrea Chung | Artist
Deborah Fowlkes | Senior Director of Alumni Relations, FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students)
Sharon Maidenberg | Executive Director, Headlands Center for the Arts
Bethany Martin-Breen | Senior Program Associate, The Rockefeller Foundation

(3) Beyond The Studio: Researching the Rural (Part B)

Many artists seek experiences of unique places, environments and communities as a formative aspect to their work. Artist residencies are now being hosted in science research stations, in remote wilderness areas and aboard boats and trains. In some cases, the experience or the research becomes the work itself. Beyond the Studio is a two-part series exploring these models.

Rural environments hold ongoing lure for artists as opportunities for immersive, place-based experiences. Looking at the recent boom in rural-focused arts programming, join us to explore new models of rural residencies. How can outsiders be brought into new places and glean information and inspiration without being exploitative? And in this time when art is increasingly dematerialized how can arts organizations and funders support artists and their need for direct experience?

Peter Bradley | Executive Director, Island Institute
Erin Elder | Independent Curator
Nina Elder | Artist (moderator)
Richard Saxton | Creative Director, M12 Studio

(4) Digital Storytelling + Social Media

How do we make the impact of our programs come alive through visual and text posts? How do we create compelling online stories that promote our artists-in-residence, while remaining respectful of the artistic process and the lines between public and private? Join communications professional for a two-part series on digital storytelling. Learn key strategies and tools for building online engagement and visibility. Then delve deeper and discuss specific messaging campaigns.

Devon Murphy | Digital Content Lead, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
Joni Van Bockel | Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, The Soap Factory

3:30pm - 5pm

Breakout Sessions


(1) Information Highways and Side Streets: Tracking and Using Our Data

From the moment an artist applies to a residency program to the transition into being an alumnus, residency leaders and their teams are managing immense amounts of information and data.  From taking applications to convening a selection committee to obtaining intake details to scheduling, contracts, evaluations, and alumni surveys –all information collection requires thoughtful (and often complicated) systems to keep data clean, accessible, and useful. In this mini-session, residency leaders reveal the specific strategies and systems they use for collecting and managing information across programs and over many years. We will discuss what information is collected and how it is applied and maintained. Leaders of new residencies, as well as veteran leaders revisiting processes, are encouraged to join! 

Holly Kranker | Residency Program Manager, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
Melissa Levin | Vice President of Artists, Estates and Foundations, Art Agency, Partners
Megha Ralapati | Residency + Special Projects Manager, Hyde Park Art Center

(2) Artists as Agents for Community Building 

Art organizations and city governments are increasingly looking for artists to lead art-based community development and civic engagement efforts. Artists are being mobilized and recognized for advancing community goals with creative interventions and thus increasing access, illuminating civil rights inequities, or responding to community-specific challenges. Join two Denver leaders for a workshop on launching initiatives that put artists at the center of community building, development and social justice initiatives. Facilitators will offer tools and tips for building collaborations between artists, city agencies that effect positive social change in their community.

Louise Martorano | Executive Director, RedLine
Tariana Navas-Nieves | Director of Cultural Affairs, Denver Arts & Venues

(3) Moving the Needle: Funders in Partnership

As funders seek ways to advance creative practice they are looking to residencies as core partners. This discussion will highlight creative partnerships between funders, residencies and the artists they serve. Join a dynamic conversation with the heads of national, regional and local funders on trends in support for the arts - and where residencies fit in.

Ella Baff | Senior Program Officer for Arts and Cultural Heritage, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
James Baker | Executive Director, Pilchuck Glass School (moderator)
Michael Orlove | Director of Presenting & Multidisciplinary Works, Artist Communities and International Activities | Multidisciplinary Arts, National Endowment for the Arts
Bahia Ramos | Director/Arts, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Gary Steuer | President + CEO, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation

(4) Strength in Numbers: Regional Groups

The Alliance of Artists Communities encourages peer-to-peer collaboration, information sharing, and a strong network of individuals and organizations of all kinds. Are you interested in building connectivity with other programs in your area? Attend break-outs with networks in your region. Regional networks include: Argentina, Cascadia Artists in Residence Network (CAiRN) and Upstate New York Regional Network. They will gather to give an overview of the work they are doing to support artists communities and artists.

Mark Golden | President / CEO, Golden Artist Colors
Flannery Patton | Director of Member Services + Communications, Alliance of Artists Communities
María Paz Segura | General Producer, RAP - Residencias de Arte Panal
Elizabeth Quinn | Creative Director, Caldera

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Denver Party | Clyfford Still Museum, 1250 Bannock Street, Denver, CO

Celebrate during a fun, not-to-miss night of music, food and reveling in the arts. Come see one the most exciting museums in the country - recently called "a knockout" by the Los Angeles Times. Explore the Clyfford Still collection and unwind on the expansive front lawn! 

Free for attendees! Cash bar and desserts will be served.


All activities at the History Colorado Center, 1200 N Broadway, Denver, CO unless otherwise noted.

8:30am - 1pm

Registration + Check-In
History Colorado Center (lobby)
Pick up your registration packet, sign up for tours and gather general information. Coffee/tea will be available in the ballroom.

Funder Consultations
Sign up for one-on-one consultations with featured funders including the National Endowment for the Arts. First come, first served. Sign up available at registration desk.

9am - 10:30am 

Keynote Plenary: Supporting the 21st Century Artist

A conversation with Deana Haggag (United States Artists), Tatiana Hernandez (Hemera Foundation) and Paul Rucker (Artist). Moderated by Hrag Vartanian (Hyperallergic)

10:45am - 12:15pm

Breakout Sessions


(1) Creating Communities for Activist Artists

Artists regularly push against the status quo, are constantly reinventing their crafts and require us all to evolve our thinking. For so many artists that status quo has been programs designed to support able-bodied, studio-based artists with formal training/higher education. As we know, these conventions are deeply tied to issues of class, race, gender and body-types. What may be less obvious is how these conventions come to bear on the development of socially engaged artists and art practices. What is required to support artistic practices that intersect with activism, direct engagement of broad publics, cultural organizing and other unconventional modes of creativity. How is it different from supporting studio-based artmaking and where are there overlaps? For existing residencies, what does it take to transform current models to nurture this community of artists? For new residencies, what is required to build a meaningful program that has durability?

Lisa Hoffman | Executive Director, Alliance of Artists Communities
Paul Rucker | Artist
Ben Strader | Co-Director, Blue Mountain Center
Risë Wilson | Director of Philanthropy, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation (moderator)

(2) We Mean Business: Great Idea, But How Are You Going To Pay For It?

How do you find new sources of support for your projects when none of the normal channels are available to you? How do you build strong relationships that sustain your program and maintain enthusiasm for your work? Hear from residency leaders about how they create long-term strategies toward gaining (and keeping) fundraising support from corporate, individual and foundation sources. Rather than presenting one-size-fits-all approaches, this session will suggest ways to address these challenges that may guide you to solutions appropriate to your context and your community. 

Amanda Kik | Co-Director, Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology
Dale Mott
| Director of External Relations, Halcyon
Jan Williamson |
Executive Director, 18th Street Arts Center (moderator)
Vito Zingarelli
| Program Director, Hedgebrook

(3) In Practice: Equity + Inclusion

Residency leaders from three cities - Chicago, San Antonio and Oakland - open a discussion on racial equity and inclusion in action. How do we support artists on a local level when global artistic support is part of the mission? What is the role of the built environment and its impact on creating safe and inclusive cultural spaces? How can we engage (and honor) the art of the invitation to overlooked communities? Participants will be encouraged sharing their challenges and strategies so everyone walks away with different methodologies for practicing these crucial values.

Jeffreen Hayes, PhD | Executive Director, Threewalls (moderator)
Cristy Johnston Limón | Executive Director, Destiny Arts Center
Veronique Le Melle | Executive Director, Artpace

(4) Leadership by Design: The Field + WESTAF

Join The Field and Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) for an interactive session on integrating equity into staffing, leadership programs and funding initiaives. Using Field and WESTAF leadership fellowship programs as case studies, they will share pitfalls, successes and unforeseen outcomes in these programs designed to diversify leadership pipelines in the arts and foster transparency and reciprocity within an organization. This session addresses concrete ways to disrupt ingrained biases and a "business as usual" mentality in the arts sector.

Chrissy Deal | Program Manager, Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF)
Wilfredo Hernandez | Program Manager, The Field
Madalena Salazar
| IMTour, TourWest Program and Grants Manager, Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF)

12:15pm - 1:30pm

Lunch (provided)

1:45pm - 2:45pm



(1) Youth-Curated: Platteforum + Black Cube Nomadic Museum

PlatteForum hosts artistic residencies for professional artists from around the world to create meaningful and skill-building partnerships with community youth. In the summer of 2017 PlatteForum worked with the Black Cube Nomadic Museum's Executive Director and Chief Curator, to mentor the next generation of young arts professionals. Presenters will highlight the experience of fostering leadership opportunities for youth, the ethics of curating an exhibition, coaching in associated professional practices and learning hard gallery skills. Learn about the current atmosphere of curating contemporary and potentially controversial artworks, as well as the importance of coaching youth in an often-overlooked alternative career paths in the arts.

Amanda Flores | Youth Programming Coordinator, PlatteForum
Cortney Lane Stell | Executive Director + Chief Curator, Black Cube
Rebecca Vaughan | Artistic and Programming Director, PlatteForum

(2) We Mean Business: Technology In Residence

Running an artist residency in 2017 involves a broad array of software tools and platforms. On a daily basis, administrators tackle application submission and review, donor and grant management, alumni management, scheduling, cloud storage, data analysis, and more. In this session, we'll start with a brief overview on field-wide technology use. Then we'll move into an open discussion about the digital obstacles that residencies face and brainstorm solutions. You are invited to share your own successes and failures, challenges and opportunities.

Tony Grant | Executive Director, Sustainable Arts Foundation (facilitator)

(3) Curator At Large

Join a lively conversation on the role of the curator within a residency program. Bringing together residency leaders approaching curation from vastly different posts, this session will begin to unravel: How does the residency context - where work is being simultaneously created and exhibited - shape or shift curatorial practice? Are curators being championed as residency leaders in the field? How are programs engaging curators as full-time staff members, guest curators and curators-in-residence roles?

Rob Bailis | Associate Director, Cal Performances
Nicole J. Caruth | Artistic Director, McColl Center for Art + Innovation
Sanjit Sethi | Director, Corcoran School of the Arts and Design | George Washington University

(4) Yes! You Can (and Should) Advocate: The Nuts and Bolts of Nonprofit Advocacy in an Unpredictable Political Climate

Now is the time to advocate for the National Endowment for the Arts, for your state arts agency and for your local arts agency. Nonprofit organizations can advocate and still retain their nonprofit status. Learn about the legal limitations of nonprofit-initiated advocacy. Advocates outside the arts and culture field will share their successes and describe the most effective and cost- and time-efficient advocacy strategies. WESTAF will share the targeted advocacy methods they utilized in this most recent push to save the National Endowment for the Arts funding and share the thoughts and considerations they made on the selection of key participants that worked on this advocacy effort. We will not only discuss direct advocacy tactics but also how organizations can tap into existing advocacy campaigns to help local officials and arts advocates tell your story.

Cristina Aguilar | Executive Director, Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR)
Kalyn Heffernan | MC/Producer, Wheelchair Sports Camp
Leah Horn | Director of Marketing and Communications, Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF)

3pm - 5:30pm

Off-site tours, workshops, and adventures
Space is limited; free to attendees, but registration required.

Lighthouse Writers Workshop + Wonderbound
Local Artists, Public Housing + Education - A National Model
Golden Triangle Public Art Walking Tour

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance

Free Night!

Enjoy an evening on your own! Visit the registration desk to check out our suggestions for dining and fun events near the hotel. Informal meet-up at the Art Hotel bar from 6pm - 8pm.


All activities at the History Colorado Center, 1200 N Broadway, Denver, CO unless otherwise noted.

8:30am - 1pm

Registration + Check-In
History Colorado Center (lobby)
Pick up your registration packet and sign up for tours. Coffee/tea will be available in the ballroom.

Funder Consultations
Sign up at the registration desk for one-on-one consultations with featured funders including the National Endowment for the Arts. First come, first served.

9am - 10am

Artist Keynote: Gregg Deal
Introduction: Gary Steuer | President + CEO, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation

Gregg Deal is a provocative contemporary artist-activist who deals with Indigenous identity and pop culture, touching on issues of race relations, historical consideration and stereotype. With this work—including paintings, mural work, performance art, filmmaking and spoken word — Gregg critically examines issues within Indian country such as decolonization, the Native mascot issue, appropriation and the representation of Indigenous people, likeness and voices in the context of Western culture.

10:15am - 11:45am

Breakout Sessions


(1) Ecology, Arts, Justice: Healing People and the Environment

Where are the intersections and overlaps of ecological work and social justice work? More importantly, what does this work look like on the ground, in the context of different places? Where do artists, and where do arts organizations fit? Bring your stories of working in community around food justice, environmental justice, land use, ecology and agriculture. Join a facilitated group conversation!

Daniel Banks, PhD | Co-Director, DNAWORKS
Claudia Ford
| Executive Director, Tisané at Maple Homestead Farm
Brad Kik
| Co-Director, Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology
Shanai Matteson | Artist and Collaborative Director, Water Bar & Public Studio

(2) Fears & Follies: An Experimental and Safe Space

Join us for small group, peer-to-peer feedback session that allows safe space to share issues, challenges and problems that can turn into opportunities for growth and development in unexpected ways when unencumbered by hierarchy. Share challenges related to internal matters such as staff-to-artists and artist-to-artist issues which can be difficult to share during the open conference sessions. Participants will be asked to think of a particular pattern or pressing issues. Each participant will get five minutes to share and then cross talk and peer feedback will happen for five minutes. This is an opportunity to understand issues in the field and how we may support each other through our challenges, failures and fears as administrators.

Gia Hamilton | Director, Joan Mitchell Center (facilitator)

(3) Anti-Oppression: From the Ground Up

This presentation will cover the concepts and ideas to launch conversations around oppression. We will cover how to begin to recognize and address the different -isms (racism, sexism, classism, ableism, etc) that are inevitably a part of our lives, and how we can start to address them. This targeted morning session will be led by YK Hong, a nationally renowned facilitator and leader in anti-oppression work.

YK Hong | Anti-Oppression Trainer, Organizer, Artist

(4) Sustained Engagement: Connecting Performing Artists, Institutions and Communities

Working with performing artists provides a special opportunity to engage members of the public, whether they are learners, listeners, creators, or critics. And increasingly the concept of engagement has become an area of inquiry for funders as they evaluate impact of their investments in creativity in community. At the same time, the work of performing artists is inherently ephemeral - here, experienced, and gone - and hard to measure long term. Hear from three multi-faceted presentation organizations of wildly different sizes, as they ask: How can artists in more time based and ephemeral forms help to build a growing and inclusive community that lasts? Panelists will help the group inquire, interrogate, and invigorate their approaches to supporting creative connections, fulfilling artist needs, building lasting community-based assets, and designing programs towards long-term engagement.

Rob Bailis | Associate Director, Cal Performance
Jesse Elliott | Director, The Music District
Adam Fong
| Director, Center for New Music

12pm - 1pm

Breakout Sessions


(1) Hinge Arts: Making Space for Complex Narratives in a Small Town

Hinge Arts at the Kirkbride is a community development and artist residency program of Springboard for the Arts in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, activating cultural programming related to the historic Fergus Falls State Hospital, or the "Kirkbride Building." Now two years old, Hinge Arts has been integral in facilitating community storytelling about the intersections of mental health, community, economic development and historic preservation. Learn how Springboard's core values - including equity, reciprocal relationships and artists as assets - make space for artists to interact with community driven outcomes as they evolve, and as Fergus Falls deals with transition on many levels. Hear directly from local residents and participating artists on the impact of this exchange - in particular how the residency has lifted up narratives once absent in local civic processes, brought artists back to their hometown, and formed new partnerships and projects.

Michele Anderson | Rural Program Director, Springboard for the Arts
Haley Honeman | Theatre Artist
Nik Nerburn | Filmmaker/Photographer
Naomi Schliesman | Artist Development Director, Springboard for the Arts

(2) Wanderlust + Retaining Staff

Our organizations work tirelessly to ensure that the highest quality, most dedicated, deserving, and diverse audiences benefit from the resources and programs that we design. The creative talent we attract to our staff generates the energy and foundation for this work. But what is the line between inspiration and total exhaustion? How do we keep our staff happy and engaged in their work and create concrete policies to support staff growth, time-off, and creative opportunties? We will begin by using the Steel Yard as a case study with tangible examples of creative leadership, artist staff-member engagement and strategies to develop and inspire staff and board engagement. Bringing together human resources professionals and arts administrators this session will result in a list of best practices we can take back to our own organizations.

Jennifer Carnevale | Board Member, The Steel Yard
Elizabeth Chodos | Director, Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University
Howie Sneider | Executive Director, The Steel Yard

(3) Evaluating Arts for Change: A New Framework

Aesthetic Perspectives: Attributes of Excellence in Arts for Change is a new framework created toenhance understanding and evaluation of creative work at the intersection of arts and civic engagement, community development, and justice — and often challenges the conventional terms for defining and assessing art work. Animating Democracy, a program of Americans for the Arts, has worked with artists and their allies to develop a framework of 11 aesthetic attributes specifically designed to enhance understanding and evaluation of Arts for Change. It offers guidance for discussing artists' approaches to work, the qualities of the work as experienced by audiences and participants, and the connections of art to context. Learn about the framework, how artists and arts organizations are using it and test it out with your own program in this interactive breakout. Hear how Warm Cookies of the Revolution, Denver's own civic health club, considers the aesthetics of its creative civic engagement work.

Pam Korza | Co-director, Animating Democracy, Americans for the Arts
Evan Weissman | Executive Director, Warm Cookies of the Revolution

(4) Ask-An-Expert: Funding from the National Endowment for the Arts

Meet Pepper Smith the National Endowment for the Arts' Artist Communities Specialist and an incredible resource for any artist residency considering applying to the NEA. Better understand eligibility for funding, how to apply, what makes a stand-out application, and best ways to work with the NEA , during this small group, informal conversation. Bring your questions big and small!

Sidney Pepper Smith | Artist Communities/Presenting Specialist | Multidisciplinary Arts, National Endowment for the Arts


1pm - 2pm

Lunch (provided) + Closing Remarks

Lisa Hoffman, Executive Director, Alliance of Artists Communities

2:30pm - 4:30pm

Off-site tours, workshops, and adventures
Space is limited; free to attendees, but registration required.

Rocky Mountain Land Library
RedLine, PlatteForum + The Temple
MCA Denver | Saber Acomodar
Santa Fe Art District Mural Tour

5pm - 7pm

Closing Night Party | RedLine Contemporary Art Center, 2350 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO

Close out the conference with a special party at RedLine. Peak into resident artist studios and explore this dynamic platform for creativity and entrepreneurship. Join us for chill music, delicious food and a super group photo, along with special recognitions! 

Free for attendees! Beer/wine, food and music!

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