I want to thank you for a fantastic experience.... Joyous live music every night in wonderful galleries with great food! The inspiring speakers and amazing sessions! The catering by the kids! Most of all, the incredible wisdom, generosity, enthusiasm, and dedication of everyone. I learned so much about how the many facets of art can be integral to addressing social concerns and how art and activism are beautifully synced.
I came back feeling like I had made friends, not just "connections."

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Over 160 arts leaders, artists, funders, politicians, and more from around the country and across the globe gathered in New Orleans to shape the way today’s artists are supported, and explore how – as artist-centered organizations – we can sustain ourselves and our communities. New Orleans offered the perfect context, as the city redefines and distinguishes itself through a thriving contemporary arts scene.

Twenty volunteers spent a day with Habitat for Humanity building the foundation and floor system for two new houses. Artists welcomed us into their studios. The conference began with a parade. And at every turn, there was music, local food, and celebration.

Join us in 2010 in Providence, the creative capital! October 20-23, 2010

Louisiana ArtWorks
Conference Hosts

Our primary meeting site for the conference is Louisiana ArtWorks, a 93,000-square-foot visual arts facility in New Orleans' Arts & Warehouse District. Conference hosts also include A Studio in the Woods, Hot Iron Press, and New Orleans Creative Glass Institute, with additional events at Newcomb Art Gallery / Tulane University, The Historic New Orleans Collection, KK Projects, The Colton School, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and Contemporary Art Center.


Eric Dallimore's Untitled #6209
Conference Events

With so much to see and do in New Orleans, the conference will include off-site events that explore the rich diversity of New Orleans arts and culture – from an eco tour of the changing landscape since Hurricane Katrina, to neighborhoods known for traditional New Orleans music and food, to artist and writers collectives and off-the-beaten-path studios, to public art around the city, to schools and theaters transformed by artists.

Why New Orleans

By year’s end, the Alliance will have invested nearly $1 Million in support of New Orleans artists, arts organizations, and the local community, through funding partnerships with The Ford Foundation, The James Irvine Foundation, and our Annual Conference.

Today, New Orleans is undergoing a creative renaissance. The city boasts world-class museums, artist studios and galleries line the Arts & Warehouse District, theatre and music groups abound. All around the city, historic neighborhoods are being remade and transformed by artists.

New Orleans is a city reborn, and while there is much work still left to be done in restoring the lives and neighborhoods damaged from Hurricane Katrina, the city offers us an analogy for reinvention and reflection in challenging times.

A Greener Conference

The Alliance is exploring ways in which the conference can have a gentler environmental impact – from materials and packaging to local ingredients, from mass transit to carbon offsetting in parternship with New Orleans' Acorns of Hope. Read more about what we're doing this year to make the conference greener.

The Conference

General Information
Events + Tours
Hotel + Travel
Explore New Orleans

I just wanted to thank you for making a newcomer to your conference feel so welcome. I also wanted to congratulate you on such an organized, content- and experience-filled conference … with sessions and conversations that left me truly inspired and energized!
–2008 Conference attendee

The Alliance's 19th Annual Conference is supported in part by grants from The Ford Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.


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