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Resources and Materials

Please click on the links below to download resources from the Alliance of Artists Communities' 2012 Conference in Kansas City, MO.



General Resources

Keynote Presenters

Perhaps the answer to why a man such as myself composes is that art summarizes the most basic feeling about being alive. Just as we look to eighteenth-century works to try to experience that time, our arts mirror the whole atmosphere of the present.  By reflecting the time in which one lives, the creative artist gives substance and meaning to life as we live it. Life seems so transitory!  It is very attractive to set down some sort of permanent statement about the way we feel, so that when it’s all gone, people will be able to go to our art works to see what it was like to be alive in OUR time and place---twentieth century America.     - Aaron Copland

Board Track

  • Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry handout
  • Building a Healthy Board, Laura MacDonald, Benefactor Group, presentation


    Making a Living, Making a Life: Supporting Artists Careers


Other Handouts + Guides