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Pop-up Projects

Conversation Cookies


Artist Lexa Walsh has created custom fortune cookies to prompt discussions vital to the AAC conference. Diners are urged to take a cookie or a few, and discuss these topics relevant to cultural workers, artists, funders and audiences. There is a receptacle to place comments, answers and questions, or do so on line at:

Lexa Walsh is an interdisciplinary socially engaged artist based in Oakland, CA working to create hospitable democracy. She makes interactive public art projects, which bring together members of the public to share in conversation, cheer, song, play, dance and food. Through these and other social interactions, observations and interpretations (sometimes misinterpretations), she makes site-specific projects that investigate elevating everyday activities into tools for community and relationship building, place and space making, resource sharing and institutional critique. Read more about Lexa!

Lemonade Stand




In exchange for a cold glass of lemonade, participants will be asked to create self-portraits using black ink markers on lemons and to share stories of sadness and disappointment, or happiness and positive self-reflection.

Lemonade Stand = Fun

David Burns + Austin Young are two of the artists behind the internationally renowned collaborative art project Fallen Fruit. What began as creating maps of public fruit trees in Los Angeles has grown into a series of photographic portraits, experimental documentary videos, public art installations, and curatorial projects across the globe. Using fruit as a lens to see the world, Fallen Fruit explores themes of urban space, ideas of neighborhood and place, and new forms of citizenship. The collective's energetic works have brought the attention of local communities and the global art community alike, with their most recent happening breaking LACMA's attendance records. Fallen Fruit will be featured in the San Jose Museum of Art's fall exhibition, "Around the Table: Food, Creativity, Community." Read more about Fallen Fruit!