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November 28, 2018

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Creative Access: Residencies for Visual Artists & Writers with Spinal Cord Injury

Supported by funding from the:





The 2018 Creative Access Fellows supported by the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation are as follows:

PLAYA Fellows
Gail Foster, Visual Artist, Atlanta, GA
John Greiner, Illustrator, Cleveland, OH
Liz Young, Teaching Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Ragdale Foundation Fellows
Carrie Sandahl, Writer, Oak Park, IL
Chloe Crawford, Visual Artist, Springfield, OR
ocean, Writer, Olympia, WA
Susan Mockler, Writer, Toronto, ON

Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) Fellows
David McCauley, Artist/Gallerist, Miami Beach, FL
Jennifer Radil, Studio Artist / Teaching Artist / Registered Art Therapist, Omaha, NE
Katherine Green, Artist, Calgary, AL

Vermont Studio Center Fellows
Elizabeth A Sachs, Writer, Tuckahoe, NY
Richard Bell, Visual Artist, Los Angeles, CA
Rocio Villalobos, Painter / Animator, Pacoima, CA
Yixuan Pan, Visual Artist, Philadelphia, PA

Reveca Torres

“This experience was such an impactful opportunity for me and really helped me get work done. I really value the friendships I made as much as I do the work I made. I am lucky to have been able to share this moment of my life with such amazing people. I have a lot of little sparks that I will soon turn into projects and leads to other ideas... I can't wait to see what is next!”

- Reveca Torres, photographer and filmmaker, Chicago, IL

The 2017 Creative Access Fellows supported by the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation are as follows:

PLAYA Fellows
Erin Oliver, visual artist, Durham, NC
Javier Flores, visual artist, Brighton, CO
Ocean, writer, Olympia, WA

Ragdale Foundation Fellows
Molly Aubry, visual artist, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Anthony Tusler, visual artist/photographer, Pennegrove, CA
Susan Odgers, writer, Traverse City, MI

Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) Fellows
Moira Williams, multimedia installation artist, Bushwick, NY
Tony Boatright, writer, Republic of Panama
Reveca Torres, photographer and filmmaker, Chicago, IL

Vermont Studio Center Fellows
Mark Braunstein, writer and artist, CT
John Greiner, artist and illustrator, Cleveland, OH
Catherine Peterson, sculptor and chef, Bellaire, MI
Elizabeth A Sachs, writer, Tuckahoe, NY

Jerry McGill

“It is quite difficult for me to articulate just how glorious and meaningful this residency has meant to my writing career. Here I benefited from being surrounded by like-minded artists with similar goals and a strong desire to stay focused and truly work out their creative muscles.”

- Jerry McGill, fiction writer, Ashland, OR


The 2015 Creative Access Fellows supported by the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation are as follows: 

Vermont Studio Center Fellows
Melissa Allensworth, painting, California
Molly Aubry, painting, Florida
Jaehn Clare, playwriting, Georgia
Jean Lijoi, painting, Florida
David McCauley, painting, Florida
Erin Oliver, painting, North Carolina
Brom Wikstrom, painting, Washington

Ragdale Foundation Fellows
Gail Foster, painting, Georgia
Gordon Sasaki, sculpture, New York

Santa Fe Art Institute Fellows
Chloe Crawford, painting, New York
Ocean Rubin, fiction, Washington
Liz Young, sculpture, California



For more about this program, contact the Alliance of Artists Communities at or 401-351-4320