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December 20, 2018

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Midwestern Voices and Visions

"Through my Midwestern Voices and Visions award...I went from being a Chicago artist to an artist of the world."

Midwestern Voices and Visions celebrates, supports, and promotes the work of highly talented, yet under-recognized artists of color and broadens awareness of and support for the opportunities available at Midwestern residency programs for artists of diverse backgrounds.

The Alliance of Artists Communities, in partnership with seven artist residency programs and with support from The Joyce Foundation, set out to identify strong voices that represent today’s most promising and provocative talent and that reflect the rich diversity of the Midwest – artists whose work may as yet be unfamiliar but whose compelling visions help define the region and the country.







Midwestern Voices & Visions

About The Awards

“Artists change neighborhoods. Artists change cities. Artists change the world. And yet, artists rarely have the tools they need to create their best work. Because of this, The Joyce Foundation is thrilled to partner with the Alliance on the 'Midwestern Voices and Visions' project. The incredible resources offered by the residency organizations provide artists the space necessary to reflect and create. The results have continually transformed artists’ work and lives, elevating the communities that surround them,” says Angelique Power, Senior Program Officer for The Joyce Foundation.

These awards were modeled after Visions from the New California, a partnership between the Alliance of Artists Communities and The James Irvine Foundation, and reflect The Joyce Foundation’s commitment to encouraging a diverse and thriving culture in the Midwest. The awards aim to both further the careers of the selected artists and strengthen the Midwestern residency programs by engaging with artists under-represented in the mainstream.


About The Joyce Foundation

The Joyce Foundation supports efforts to protect the natural environment of the Great Lakes, to reduce poverty and violence in the region, and to ensure that its people have access to good schools, decent jobs, and a diverse and thriving culture. The Foundation is especially interested in improving public policies, because public systems such as education and welfare directly affect the lives of so many people, and because public policies help shape private sector decisions about jobs, the environment, and the health of our communities. To ensure that public policies truly reflect public rather than private interests, the Foundation support efforts to reform the system of financing election campaigns.

Since its founding in 1948, the Foundation has made grants of more than $600 million to groups working to improve the quality of life in the Great Lakes region.

For more information, visit:
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