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Midwestern Voices and Visions | 2007-2008 Artists

Every 3 years, artists are selected for the Midwestern Voices and Visions award, receiving a grant, a one-month residency, a group exhibition, and inclusion in a publication.

All awardees are artists of color, living in the Midwest, who are under-served and under-recognized for their work. The artists are selected by a national jury of esteemed artists, curators, funders, and others who are committed to building greater equity in the arts and supporting under-served artists.







Midwestern Voices & Visions

Francisco Aragón

Poet and non-fiction writer
South Bend, Indiana

residency at Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (Red Wing, Minnesota)

I will remember the stress-free sensation of being free to work at a pace I saw fit. I will remember the bike trail along the Mississippi River that provided needed exercise and fresh air. I will remember the town of Red Wing and the charming and warm cafés. I will remember my fellow residents and the vital and interesting work they are all doing.”

Francisco Aragon

Reginald Baylor

Painter and sculptor
Wauwautosa, Wisconsin

residency at Ragdale Foundation (Lake Forest, Illinois)

“In the real world of work and family, paychecks and bills, there are not many opportunities to surround oneself with people who share a similar psychological make-up that significantly magnifies the need to create something under that massive umbrella called art.... If I would choose one word to describe my experience at Ragdale, that word would be ‘fuel.’

Reginald Baylor

Robert Farid Karimi

Performance/interdisciplinary artist and activist
Minneapolis, Minnesota

residency at John Michael Kohler Arts Center (Sheboygan, Wisconsin)

“There are things I will never forget...and I will be unraveling these gifts for a lifetime because of the density of this residency. Every day since I have left Kohler, I have another memory, a thought, an idea. The factory is in my head, my skin. My interactions with the people of Sheboygan have left an indelible impression. I can’t wait for more memories to bubble to the surface.”

Robert Karimi

Cecil McDonald

Chicago, Illinois

residency at Prairie Center of the Arts (Peoria, Illinois)

“The residency allowed me ample time to complete a set of images. I worked with assistants for the first time; I led a crew in the making of photographs. My level of confidence in image-making was greatly enhanced and I learned more about working with children.... In hindsight, the residency was a launching.”

Cecil McDonald

Tomiko Pilson

Chicago, Illinois
residency at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha, Nebraska)

“Bemis Center brings dynamic people together in a very organic way. The studio space, installation space, and galleries are breathtaking. I think the residency attracts wildly ambitious artists.... All in all, my experience has been extraordinarily valuable and stimulating.”

Tomiko Pilson

Artur Silva

Installation and mixed-media artist
Indianapolis, Indiana

residency at Ox-Bow (Saugatuck, Michigan)

“I think artists who haven’t done a residency yet are missing an important experience in their creative continuum. It is the entire experience that enticed a burst in creativity which I am still enjoying. Being outside my natural environment provided challenges that I believe added to my work. It improved my ability to change my creative process and adapt. Being able to work off-site with other artists improved my sense of community in a profession known for its solitude.... There is no way to know until you do it, but residencies have already become an integral part of my creative process.”

Artur Silva

Thu Tran

Sculptor; installation and mixed media artist
Cleveland Heights, Ohio

residency at Art Farm (Marquette, Nebraska)

“Residencies allow freedom to explore materials, space, thoughts, and techniques. I found it great in idea development – a blank piece of paper to start fresh.”

Thu Tran