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October 02, 2018

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September 07, 2018

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September 06, 2018

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2:2:2 Exchange at Hyde Park Art Center + Project Row Houses

"It turned into a conversation about how an artist exchange could explore the links (and potential links) between two cities, from the perspective of two artists, situated at community-based arts organizations like ours."

Hyde Park Art Center (HPAC) and Project Row Houses have announced 2:2:2 Exchange - a new program that will facilitate an interchange between two artists. In the first year of the program, Houston-based artist Rosine Kouamen will participate in a residency at Hyde Park Art Center and Chicago-based artist Maria Gaspar will travel to Project Row Houses. The residencies will be staggered, with each artist acting as a guide and connector for the other. The exchange aims to provide an opportunity for the artists to research localized ways of thinking and creating in a different city to enhance their practices at home.


The program is a collaboration between two artists, two cities, and two organizations. It is also a collaboration between two residency leaders – Megha Ralapati, Residency & Special Projects Manager at Hyde Park Arts Center, and Ryan Dennis, Public Art Director at Project Row Houses. “Ryan and I were introduced by an artist who was familiar with both of our programs and suggested we connect. At HPAC we had been thinking about how to structure a residency with a US-based artist as a way to make an opportunity for that artist and also to consider the relationship between their 'home' city and Chicago,” explained Megha. “In Ryan and my ongoing discussions about this over the course of a year, it turned into a conversation about how an artist exchange could explore the links (and potential links) between two cities, from the perspective of two artists, situated at community-based arts organizations like ours.”

Maria and Rosine were selected in part for their socially engaged, site-specific artistic practices and their strong interest in engaging the host communities. Maria Gaspar, recently named Chicagoan of the Year in Arts, is an interdisciplinary artist whose work ranges from performance, sculpture, installation, and community-engaged art. In her community-engaged projects, Gaspar has created permanent and performative art projects throughout Chicago and Mexico City with youth and adults that explore social and political spaces using the body and site. Rosine Kouamen works across media including photography, sculpture and installation to investigate the transformation of culture and create visual narratives expressing cultural memory.

The exchange is set up to keep the residency structure and experience intact for each program – giving artists the full experience of being in-residence at each site. But beyond these guidelines, the organizers are keeping an open mind. “We have considered this as an experiment or pilot from the outset, and I am eager to discover what happens over the course of this year to see if and how this model can be tweaked and tested again in the future,” notes Megha. Ryan adds, "We are excited to hear from both artists before, during, and after the residency. It is about measuring impact and seeing if an exchange is a helpful tool for artistic production."


Residency exchanges have the unique ability to ignite surprising collaborations and launch extended partnerships between programs around the globe. Read more about two of our favorite international exchange programs below!

27 Below
Arctic Circle (Arctic Circle) + De Fabriek Arts Centre (Eindhoven, Holland)

De Fabriek Arts Centre of Eindhoven, Holland, in cooperation with The Arctic Circle, will host a residency and resulting exhibit, 27 Below, at their artist run space in the art & design hub of Eindhoven, Holland. The residency period is now underway with five Arctic circle voyager alums participating. The artists will reside at De Fabriek (The Factory) and have carte blanche to react to their new surroundings, the art center itself, an inspiring space, and the surrounding community of Eindhoven--the city that Phillips built-- and home to the high tech campus, technical university, the van Abbemuseum, the Design Academy, Dutch Design Week, and a lively local art scene.

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Dresden Residency Exchange
Zygote Press (Cleveland, Ohio) + Grafikwerkstatt (Dresden, Germany)

A long running exchange brings two accomplished artists to Zygote’s workshop from Germany, and sends two Ohio artists to work in Dresden at the Grafikwerkstaat every Fall. Ohio Arts Council and the City of Dresden fund the Dresden Residency Exchange as part of an ongoing cultural-artistic link between the State of Ohio and the city of Dresden. This program lets artists from Ohio and Dresden become acquainted with the art and artists of another community, provides time for the artists to explore the printmaking resources of each location, and establishes ongoing artistic relations between Ohio and Dresden.

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