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Find Your People: A Letter from Craig Peterson

She said, "I feel like I finally found my people!" Affirming nods and laughter erupted throughout the room, validating her sentiment.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Last October, during a breakout session about performing arts residencies at the Alliance of Artist Communities Annual Conference, a new attendee summed up her experience in the simplest way possible. She said, "I feel like I finally found my people!" Affirming nods and laughter erupted throughout the room, validating her sentiment.  If you have attended this conference in the past, I imagine you can relate to this feeling.

The Alliance of Artist Communities is the national service organization for residency programs serving artists, arts institutions and the communities in which they work.  The AAC Annual Conference brings together more than 200 residency organizers and artists from across the country and around the globe for dialogue, connection, and learning.  It is the only convening dedicated specifically to discourse around residency work.  This year's conference will take place in Portland, Oregon from October 4 - 7, 2016.  Though that may seem far off, now is the moment to be thinking about the conversations you want to have - the conversations we all need to have!  

Performing arts residency work has the capacity engage and build communities in unique ways.  But it is also often the least supported due to the challenges of cost, working with larger groups/multiple artists, and the frequent need for specific types of residency facilities.  To help organizers overcome these challenges, the AAC has worked hard in the last few years to cultivate focused discourse around performing arts residencies, and we're continuing the conversation at this year's conference.  But this can't be done without you.  It's vital that conference content centered on performing arts residency work is robust and forward-thinking.  We need your ideas and engaged collaboration.  Please!  Consider proposing a session!  

Calls to action:
Propose a session!  (Deadline for proposals is March 21.)  
Attend the conference!
Learn more and join the alliance!
I hope I will see you in Portland next October.  Come find your people!  

Craig Peterson
Director of Programs, Gibney Dance