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Lucianne Bond Carmichael, 1931-2016

"A Studio in the Woods was where I really found out I could write songs. It was a process of removing myself from the traps of modern life. It allows you to confront your own spiritual character juxtaposed with the power and majesty of nature." -- Clarinetist/former Artist-in-Residence Michael White

Today New Orleans-based residency A Studio in the Woods reported: "With heavy hearts we share the news that our founder Lucianne Bond Carmichael passed peacefully over the weekend. Her legacy in education, the arts and the environment will be felt for generations to come."

Lucianne Carmichael was an award-winning artist and cofounder of A Studio in the Woods, a renowned international artists residency centered on environmental challenges and connecting artists to the local community. Lucianne and her husband Joe originally purchased the site in 1968, seeking to preserve the seven acres of endangered forest. They began the process of building their home and studios to early standards of sustainability and exploring how they might create opportunities for others to deeply engage with the site's natural wonders.

In June 2002, A Studio in the Woods was formed with the mission to protect and preserve the Mississippi River bottomland hardwood forest and to provide a tranquil haven where artists can reconnect with universal creative energy and work uninterrupted. Since A Studio In the Woods’ inception, roughly 100 artists and writers from around the world and across New Orleans have completed residencies.

Lucianne's infectious spirit and deep commitment to artists and the environment, made a strong impression on residency leaders across the world and gave inspiration to a new generation of arts and ecology platforms.

Founder of Michigan-based residency Crosshatch and Alliance of Artists Communities board member, Brad Kik wrote: "I didn't know her well, but Lucianne Carmichael has been a hero and a kindred spirit to me ever since I first learned of, and then visited A Studio in the Woods, right around the time Amanda Jones Kik and I were birthing Crosshatch. Lucianne and her partner Joe made it work - they founded an artist residency on a scrap of land, put up buildings by hand and turned it into something potent and alive. I remember her telling a story where a youngster asked her how you go about starting something as unique and hand built as A Studio in the Woods is. She thought for a long time and then said, "First, you get yourself an old truck."

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