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Sustainable Arts Foundation Announces $100,000 in Grants for Residencies

For many parents, the financial, emotional, and logistical demands of raising a family make attending a traditional artist/writer residency program impossible.

The Sustainable Arts Foundation has announced a two year continuation of their Residency Grant program, following a successful pilot program. The program, launched in 2013, was designed to encourage artist and writer residencies to make their programs more accessible to artists and writers with children. Over the two year pilot thirty organizations received funding for a range of projects - from minor physical improvements to shorter residency periods to childcare stipends.

Residency Grants can be used to fund existing programs, or to modify or create new programs that address the needs of parent applicants. The Residency Grant fund aims to not only reward organizations with original and effective solutions, but to encourage residencies to share best practices - extending support for parent artists across the field.

"We’ve been so encouraged by the number and quality of organizations that have applied to this program," says Executive Director Tony Grant. "And we’ve granted over $150,000 in support of their ideas and innovations. We are delighted to be able to continue this initiative, and are committing another $100,000 to this program for another two years."

Eligibility + Funds

Elidgible organization must be a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) offering residencies to visual artists and/or writers. The program/s funded by this award must support visual artists and writers with at least one dependent child under the age of 18. Organizations may apply for up to $10,000. Applications are due January 15, 2015. More information at:

Sustainable Arts Foundation

The Sustainable Arts Foundation is a non-profit foundation supporting artists and writers with families. Our mission is to provide financial awards to parents pursuing creative work. Too often, creative impulses are set aside to meet the wonderful, but pressing, demands of raising a family. The foundation's goal is to encourage parents to continue pursuing their creative passion, and to rekindle it in those who may have let it slide.