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Buenos Aires City. 9 de Julio Ave, the Obelisc and the Colon Theatre (right)
Artist-in-residence Meredith Setser's installation at Políglota Room, ´ace main exhibition gallery, 2012
Artists-in-residence and ´ace staff members, June 2014. Left and mezzanine: "Intrusion".Marcela Casals's installation.
´ace team and resident Miroslava Ledo discussing a project at the printmaking workshop.
'ace community at the terrace in open studio


Proyecto´acePIRAR |is an Artist-­in-­Residence International Program located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina in South America. The residencies aim to support contemporary visual art practices (including performance and curatorial proposals) promoting exchange, debate, experimentation and collaborative work.

The program focuses on expanded field visual art practices, with a special interest in contemporary artistic proposals that involve traditional and innovative printmaking and its hybridization with photography, design and new media, exploring their mirror influences, as well as the capacity of multiple. From 2005 it has been working as driving force that links, not only different artistic practices within the cultures that produce them, but also between the invited artists with the rich cultural, urban and social community of Buenos Aires city.

The ‘acePIRAR name is a wordplay between ‘ace ("hacer"/to make-in Spanish) and the program initials (in Spanish PIRAR) with the Argentine slang word "pirar", therefore, appropriating its double meaning: "to leave/to move suddenly” and "to get a little crazy". ‘acePIRAR residences imply in themselves the need to migrate in order to find new inspiration in a different place as well as to be immerse in a "crazy" brainstorm with other artists within an atmosphere of creative freedom.

We offer different residencies to best fit each artist’s profile and project
Production/ Exploration / microResidency /Palimpsest (mural painting)



Buenos Aires: Argentina

Long called the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is that and so much more. This is not only a city of wide boulevards and French-styled palaces, but it is one too of wildly exciting innovations and new styles. From the opening of state-of-the-art museums like the MALBA, to the thrilling renaissance of the tango, Buenos Aires now buzzes with a contagious, creative energy and a brash self-confidence. This challenging urban environment together with the availability of new technologies and an intensive artistic movement converts Buenos Aires in a special place to be located to produce art.


  • Residency Length: 1 month
  • Average number of artists in residence at a time: 3-4
  • Number of artists accepted in most recent year: 33
  • Total applicant pool in most current year: 150


  • Application type: Open application
  • Collaboration: May apply as a team
  • Geography: Open to US artists, Open to non-US artists
  • Additional eligibility information: 

    There is neither a minimum nor a maximum age to apply for a residency (although there is a lower fee for artists younger than 30 years old), as well as there is not discrimination regarding country of origin, race, religion, language or gender identity when candidates are selected.

    The program accepts all kind of multidisciplinary contemporary artistic practices with a special interest in expanded field proposals that involve traditional and innovative print media practice and its hybridization with other disciplines (such as photography, design, writing, urban interventions and new media) exploring their mirror influences, as well as the capacity of multiple.

  • Application deadline: April 30, January 31, July 31, October 31

Past Residents & Quotes

Past residents: 
VISITING ARTISTS: Liliana Porter, Rimer Cardillo, Victor Vázquez, Julio Valdez. ARTISTS-IN_RESIDENCE Mia Pearlman, Peregrine Honig, Marcia de Moraes, Frederick Clarke, Garvin Sierra, Rafael Trelles, Miguel Rivera, Ayanah Moor, Patricia Villalobos Echeverria.
We want to thank you again for the opportunity to collaborate and participate in the residency at ´ace. It has been a truly unforgettable experience, as we shared some great moments with the amazing 'ace team, whom we found helpful, insightful, and willing to accept us into their art community.´ace is a very special place and great setting to make art. This environment allowed us to create a mural which surpassed our expectations and brought our work to the next level. It also generated further opportunities to paint in Buenos Aires upon completing our residency, which was another benefit of working with 'ace. We enjoyed painting in Buenos Aires and becoming part of the ´ace family. We were sad to go but looking forward to return. We'd love to keep in touch and updated with any other opportunities for artists.
— KiiK group: Manoela Madera & Gray Edgerton. Brooklyn, New York. June 2014

Facilities & Services

  • Housing: Private housing (individual apartment/cabin/house), Shared bedroom
    Full furnished apartment with Cable TV and WIFi Internet.
  • Meals: Some meals are provided
    The program includes breakfast, lunch and snacks during weekdays in studio time (10am to 6 pm). Dinners and meals on the weekends are not provided.
  • Computer/internet access: Computer and internet connection provided in common area (shared), Computer and internet connection provided in living or studio area (private), Wireless Internet
  • Companions: Spouses/partners allowed for full stay
    Spouses and partners, eventually children, can stay in the apartment but can not be in the studio during working hours.
  • Accessibility: no
  • Studios/special equipment: Book Arts, Digital media, Exhibition / Installation, Painting, Photography (digital), Printmaking
  • Other facilities and services: Special equipment to printmaking photo techniques. Three exhibition spaces. Private studio.

Residency Fees

Non application fee. Selected artists in the open calls pay a fee if they are self funded. There is a basic fee for the residency and the artist can select other options : lodging (one in the city center, other in the studio area), materials, technical assistance and exhibition. Basic fee covers studio space, access to equipment, The residency fee does not include travel, health insurance and shipping expenses.

Stipends / other support

Annually ´ace signs agreements with international institutions to grant residencies to international and national artists. Unfortunately, these residencies narrow the artists group by countries, age or specific communities projects.

Additional expectations / opportunities

Open Studio at the end of the residence. Local and international networking. Opportunities to participate in ´ace international projects. Reviews by ´ace team and invited curators.

Contact Information

Conesa 667, altos
Buenos Aires, 1426
Tel: +54 11 45513218