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Isle Royale National Park


Isle Royale National Park’s Artist-in-Residence program provides professional artists, working in all mediums, the opportunity to become a part of a long-established tradition of artists in our National Parks.

Artists have had a long-standing influence on the formation, expansion, and direction of America’s National Parks. By painting landscapes of the American West, artists publicized many of the natural wonders of a land little known to the eastern populace. Their body of work helped to stimulate the establishment of many of our National Parks and to foster a continuing appreciation of them.

Today’s artists continue to document the landscapes of the National Parks with contemporary approaches and techniques, drawing upon the site’s scenic, natural, and cultural elements for inspiration. These artists translate the park’s purpose — as place of pleasure and preservation — into images that bring other people new insights, enjoyment, and understanding.


Houghton, Michigan: United States

Isle Royale, a remote wilderness island, is located in the northwestern section of Lake Superior. The park consists of one main island surrounded by over 400 smaller islands. The area has seen many changes since French fur traders named it in honor of their king in 1669. Since that time, human activities have included copper mining, logging, commercial fishing, and vacationing. Evidence of the past can still be seen on the landscape today. Today Isle Royale has reverted back to an isolated wilderness, a roadless backcountry which is home to wolves, moose, second growth forests, refreshing lakes, and rugged scenic shores. The Island’s vast and varied cultural and natural resources provide the foundation for this creative endeavor. The cabin’s location not only assists in guiding this creative process through solitude, serenity, simplicity, and primitiveness, but it also allows for a deeper connection to Isle Royale National Park.

Contact Information

800 East Lakeshore Drive
Houghton, Michigan 49931
United States