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Hilltop view of Mauser EcoHouse Artist Residency located in the lush Costa Rican Jungle, with a view of the Pacific Ocean
Open wooden doors of large studio facing backyard jungle and 2 banana compost circles
View of one corner of wrap around veranda that can accommodate 2 open air studios
Sunrise room with sunrise mural painted by our visiting artist intern
Large living/dining room and fully equipped kitchen

Mauser EcoHouse Artist Residency

Emerging Program member

The Residency Program at the Mauser EcoHouse is all about providing a beautiful, tranquil and inspirational space where artists can immerse themselves in their individual projects. Here, artists are encouraged to be self directed and pursue their own creative ideas.
The program focuses on furnishing artists with luxury accommodations, ample work space and serene surroundings so that individual or group projects can be worked on and creativity can flourish.

At the Mauser EcoHouse artists can expect a lush jungle setting on 1.5 acres. The property contains numerous indigenous fruit trees, edible plants, herbs and a working greenhouse. Two banana circle composts and five swales are also on the land.
Your stay here will also include a tour of the property's sustainable features, including 
medicinal and tropical plants, by our on-site artist and Foundation Director, Heather.

Some specifics about Costa Rica:
*Costa Rica hosts more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity even though its landmass only takes up .03% of the planet's surface.
*There are 801 miles of coastline in Costa Rica.
*Costa Rica is one of the most valued environmental destinations. Approximately 25% of the country has protected forests and reserves.
*Weekend visits to waterfalls, cloud forests, volcanos, and nature reserves are all accessible by Costa Rica’s clean and safe public transportation. 

The Mauser Harmony With Nature Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to improving the quality of life on the planet. We believe it is possible to find a harmonious balance between technology and nature.
The Foundation was established in 1998 in memory of our dear friend and mentor, Professor Ferdinand F. Mauser.

Mauser EcoHouse Artist Residency accepts applicants from all races, cultures and lifestyles.


Parrita: Costa Rica

Mauser EcoHouse Artist Residency is located in the Central Pacific Coastal area of Costa Rica, a 2 hour drive from San Jose and 13 km (8 miles) west of Parrita.

Contact Information

Mauser EcoHouse/Heather Cook
Within St. Michael’s Sustainable Community Hwy 239
Parrita, 60901
Costa Rica
Tel: USA: 1.310.482.1868