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Popps Packing

Popps is an artist run neighborhood arts organization situatied on the Hamtramck /Detroit border

Founded in 2009. Our mission is to create impactful arts programming and foster cultural exchange between local and international artist communities, while leveraging the unique features of our region, neighborhood, and personal practices.

With 3 structures and 7 lots or facilities offoer artists many opportuniies to engage with raw spaces and join the conversation about emotional, artistic,and economic recovery in a post-­‐industrial landscape.

Our approach includes a philosophical reinterpretation of blight, not as an affliction, but a starting point that provides raw materials and inspiration for performances, traditional and nontraditional installations, and architectural interventions within the surrounding neighborhood.

Popps Packing has 4 residency programs: Popps Studio Residency, Guest House, Momm and Popp Family Artist Residency and a Garden Residency.

Popps Packing offers artists many different environments to work in. In addition to the communal studios, we offer the various structures and empty lots around the Popps compound as sites for exploration. The abundance of land, raw materials and structures around Popps give artists many opportunities to realize ambitious site specific projects that could not be accomplished in a traditional studio environment.

Artists have access to the Popps workshop, our gardens, and the Popps Mobile Sauna. We provide bikes for guests to use during their stay. (Public transportation is questionable in Detroit, so we recommend a rental car, or in the warmer months, a bicycle).

In addition to the housing, studios and facilities offered here at Popps, we also connect residents to our large network of local artists, resources, and organizational and institutional partners through informal gatherings, open studios, exhibitions and performances. Artists are encourage to host some sort of public offering to our community. This could be an Open Studio event, an Artist talk, a workshop or other form of public engagement. We also require that resident artists put in 10 hours per month to pitch in and help around the compound: general cleaning, building and grounds maintenance, building renovation projects, event support, publications and administrative assistance are some of the areas we always need help with.


Hamtramck and Detroit, Michigan: United States

Popps Packing straddles the northern Hamtramck / Detroit border. Hamtramck is a dense, 2.1 square mile, culturally diverse city within a city, almost entirely surrounded by Detroit. Hamtramck was originally settled by German farmers, followed by a flood of Polish immigrants in the early part of the 20th century. Over the past thirty years a large number of immigrants (Yemeni, Bengali, Armenian, Macedonian, Turkish, and Ukranian to name a few) have continued to move to Hamtramck, making it Michigan’s most internationally diverse city, as well as its densest.


  • Application Ongoing: Yes

Facilities & Services

  • Meals: No meals/food provided
  • Accessibility: no

Residency Fees

Residency fees range from $500-$1500 per residency month. Fees vary based on program.

Stipends / other support

Popps offers 2-3 scholarships a year.

Additional expectations / opportunities

Contact Information

12138 St. Aubin
Hamtramck, Michigan 48212
United States