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Stone Street Coop building
Opening event at the Spencer's Center
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Peter Pawlicki's installation for Free City 2015

Stone Street Coop & Residency

Emerging Program member

Through its Stone Street Coop & Residency, Flint Public Art Project (FPAP) supports students, artists, designers, community leaders, and teachers with free or affordable housing in order to allow residents time and space to pursue their crafts and to produce artistic projects in Flint.

The Stone Street Coop & Residency offers both short duration 30-90-day residencies for visiting artists and longer-term month-to-month residencies for local artists. In addition to housing, residents get the chance to work with artists, architects, planners, journalists, activists, and teachers from Flint and around the country and the world who are rethinking and reinventing the way we share resources, activate abandoned spaces, strengthen neighborhoods, and make art. All residents will produce work that responds to or extends the Flint Public Art Project mission to activate vacant spaces, connect people and places, amplify the local culture, and transform the identity of the city.


Flint, Michigan: United States

Flint Public Art Project acquired the eight-bedroom house at 605 Stone Street in the summer of 2012 from the Genesee County Land Bank. Staff, volunteers, and contractors rehabilitated the building in a matter of weeks, and Stone Street officially opened its doors in October 2012 as housing for FPAP staff and visiting artists and designers. Since then, more than 100 artists have stayed at Stone Street while developing projects and offering public programs throughout Flint. The Stone Street Coop & Residency is one of several initiatives by Flint Public Art Project in Carriage Town and on the North Side, including the Free City public art festival on a former GM manufacturing site near downtown Flint, Spencer’s Center for Art and Architecture, temporary installations on Stone Street, and Neighborhood Art Parades that aim to revitalize vacant structures, build community, anchor reinvestment, and extend the social and economic benefits of downtown redevelopment throughout the city.

Contact Information

605 Stone Street
Flint, Michigan 48503
United States