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“Time and space are everything to an artist. Without the chance to dig in and focus on new work, imagination and vision are just ether. Nothing has catapulted my work more than a residency.”  

Artists – and supporting opportunities for them to develop new creative work – are at the heart of everything we do. 

In our 24 years, the Alliance of Artists Communities has emerged as an international champion of creative freedom and support for artists as they take on today’s most critical themes. We believe this freedom – to challenge assumptions and to take bold turns toward new directions – is more important now than ever. As research-and-development labs for the arts, this is what residency programs provide to artists.

I personally give to this field because I am moved by what is yet to be – knowing there are thousands of writers, painters, dancers, musicians, poets, filmmakers, scholars and others who are in-residence right now at an artists’ residency and whose work will change our world. And I know that often a residency is the turning point, the moment when an artist finds courage to take a creative leap. The Alliance’s work is about providing support to artists in those moments – long before the concert, the book, or the museum – believing the cultivation of new art and ideas is essential to human progress.

The Alliance has grown to a vibrant network of more than 400 residency programs in 20 countries. As a collective voice for this field, the Alliance can accomplish what no single artists’ residency program can – engaging funders, legislators, and policy-makers about the critical role artists play in our world; developing the professional capacity and management practices of the field; and building resources, including more than $2 million in direct funding from the Alliance to artist residencies and artists since 2004. And the Alliance also provides inspiration – bringing together people from around the world who believe that the cultivation of new art and ideas is necessary for the health of our communities and achieving the best of what it means to be human.
I invite you to join us in this work. We are honored to invest in artists and the development of new creative work, and we give thanks to all of you who join us in this critical endeavor to support freedom of expression.

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What your gift supports

From the glamorous and compelling to the merely functional, but all essential:

$25 buys a book, magazine subscription, or other resource for our library, available to artists, researchers, and those creating new residency programs

$50 supports the materials for each "Be Our Guest" series of residency talks for artists

$100 provides a modest honorarium for an artist to speak at an Alliance conference or public event

$250 supports the Alliance as a National Co-Sponsor of Arts Advocacy Days, lobbying for greater arts support, funding, and policy-making

$500 provides a conference scholarship to an artist, student, or residency administrator who would otherwise not be able to attend

$1500 supports our green initiative - providing eco-friendly alternatives at Alliance events, such as reusable water bottles, compostable flatware, online handouts, and carbon offsets

$5000 provides the Alliance with a summer research intern, so we can continue to gather critical data on artists' communities and support for today's artists; or hires musicians, storytellers, dancers and others to present their work at Alliance events.

To make a gift to the Alliance, please enter your gift amount and click "add to cart" above to complete our secure online giving form or download a giving form. All donors will receive a written receipt of his/her gift.