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Elsewhere Studios building and group community portrait.
Gingerbread House: studio & living space.
Elsewhere Studios windows at night.
Art Wall at Elsewhere Studios with community volunteers doing mosaic finishing work.
Elsewhere Studios - Open Studio with Readings and Comedy

Elsewhere Studios

"Elsewhere Studios is not only an incubator for creativity and unhindered expression but also the perfect place to unearth buried talents and unleash success. The combination of high quality people, invigorating energy, and breathtaking mountain views creates an elixir that can surely launch any artist into a brighter future" - Resident Alumni, Elyse Mische

*SPECIAL 1-month Funded Residency for an “Experimental Photographer”. Deadline is May 1st, 2017*
>Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, Colorado is now accepting applications for the Winter (Jan-April) of 2018. Application deadline is August 1st, 2017<
>Deadline for Spring/Summer (May-Aug) 2018 is December 1st, 2017<

Elsewhere is a self-paced AIR program nestled in the Rocky Mountains on the Western Slope of Colorado. Hand crafted by local artisans, Elsewhere is a unique work of art that influences creativity and productivity.

Applicants can apply for 1 to 6 months for individual or shared living/ work space. Elsewhere accepts fine artists, writers, musicians and performers. Some amenities available are a ceramics studio, a small wood shop, access to screen printing, an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 printer, as well as performance space upon request.

Applications and further information can be found at


Paonia, Colorado: United States

Elsewhere exists in the heart of the small town of Paonia, Colorado, located at the base of Lamborn Mountain on the western slope of the Rockies - west of Delta, and about 1.5 hours from Grand Junction. The town itself has a population of 1500, but the surrounding mesas hold another 5000. It is a community of strong individuals, high interest in sustainability, and a growing art scene located in an inspiring landscape where the desert meets the mountains. The North Fork valley has been nicknamed the ‘learning valley’, because of the numerous hands on learning opportunities within the area.


  • Residency Length: 1 to 6 months
  • Average number of artists in residence at a time: 1-5
  • Number of artists accepted in most recent year: 28
  • Total applicant pool in most current year: 70


  • Application type: Open application
  • Collaboration: May apply as a team
  • Geography: Open to US artists, Open to non-US artists
  • Additional eligibility information: 

    Open to all artists including emerging, professional, national and international

  • Application deadline: May 01, August 01, December 01, April 01
  • Additional deadline info:
    *SPECIAL 1-month Funded Residency for an “Experimental Photographer”: Residency period for a single calendar month between September to December, 2017: *Deadline is May 1st, 2017; Notification emailed by June 1st. >Residencies beginning January 2018 to April, 2018: >Deadline is August 1, 2017; Notification emailed by September 1st. >>Residencies beginning May 2018 to August, 2018: >>Deadline is December 1, 2017; Notification emailed by January 2nd. >>>Residencies beginning September to December, 2018: >>>Deadline is April 1, 2018; Notification emailed by May 1st.

Past Residents & Quotes

Past residents: 
Trent Davis Bailey, Elyse Mische, Lorena Williams, Stefania Urist, Amber Imrie-Situnayake, Adrianna Villigran, Carolina Porras, Alicia Toldi, Nick Collier, Hannah Davis, Liz Cantrelle, RY King, Elizabeth Artz, Toby Leibowitz, Laurie Longtin, Sarah Freeman, Amy Jorgenson, Caitlyn Tella, Angela Dieffenbaach, Arendse Lund, Rose Anderson, Kristine Potter, Christine Lee Smith, Ky Burt, Tara Gilchrist, Katherine Saviskas, Nazich, Chunara, Alonzo Davis, Kay Lindsey, Jim Vecchi, Mick Lorusso, Sal Strom, Cathe Jenke, Karlanna Lewis, Lori Setton, Shay Lopez, Jimmy Fike, Amy Moosman, Melissa Shaw, Kim Lyle, Alexis Fedorjaczenko, Sarah Burwash, Lahevet Pollack, Rachael Gorchov, Maya Jensen, Matt Ahern, Hilary Emerson Lay, Emma Senft
~ Elsewhere has been a place of support to live and work alongside an international group of artists, writers, poets, and performers. What I have found particularly unique about Elsewhere is its imaginative disposition and ad-hoc spirit. For one, there is the pistachio-green house adorned with Gaudí-esque window frames and hodge-podge woodwork throughout the interior. And then there is the Gingerbread House, a backyard sauna-turned-artist studio with a curved roof and slanted windows, which is where I stayed for the second half of my residency. I view Elsewhere as the result of Paonian artists combining their creative visions to create a place that bolsters the imagination. It has been a pleasure for me to live amid and be inspired by the world they’ve created.
— Trent Davis Bailey, resident June-November 2015
~ Elsewhere is a staple of arts communities locally, nationally and internationally. The landmark talent that comes through Elsewhere's doors is as unprecedented and inspiring as the studio itself.
— Sharon Bailey

Facilities & Services

  • Housing: Private housing (individual apartment/cabin/house), Private bedroom in a shared housing facility
    Please see website for detailed descriptions of available rooms.
  • Meals: No meals/food provided
    Fully equipped main kitchen is shared by our Suite, Loft and Gingerbread house residents. The Basement Apartment has its own kitchen. Residents are responsible for purchase and preparation of meals.
  • Computer/internet access: Wireless Internet
  • Companions: Children allowed for full stay
    Spouses/partners allowed for visits. Inquire about family stays - may be possible in upstairs Suite or Basement Apartment. The Suite can be for individual artists, artist teams (of two) or artist couples (of two, both artists and applicants) and has its own studio space. The Basement Apartment can be requesting by artist couples (of two, both artists and applicants).
  • Accessibility: housing/grounds/studios are accessible
    We will contract the use of a house (upon request) in Paonia a half block from the main facility that is fully ADA compliant (11 3rd St) for living and studio space that is wheelchair accessible. The main Elsewhere site is accessible for all communal activities with other artist residents, including dining, and for Elsewhere events open to the public. The distance between the two sites is easily traversed by wheelchair. Accommodations will be made on request for artists with visual or hearing impairments or any other special needs.
  • Studios/special equipment: Ceramics / Pottery, Exhibition / Installation, Painting, Photography (digital), Woodworking
  • Additional studio information: 
    The main studio is approx 360sq ft with high ceilings and is shared by our Loft & Gingerbread House residents; it has a sink, track lighting, skylights, north, west and south windows, wireless internet access, land-line telephone and a loft with library. The Suite can be for individual artists, artist teams (of two) or artist couples (of two, both artists and applicants) and has its own studio space. The Basement Apartment is a walkout with doors & windows facing south and west; it has bedroom, kitchen, dining, bath & shower (with sauna) as well as studio space; it also includes a small ceramic studio with an electric wheel, electric and raku kilns. See website for photos. A woodworking shop is available with table saw, chop saw and variety of power and hand tools. Also possibility of collaboration with local performing arts spaces for theater and dance.
  • Other facilities and services: Bicycles available for local transportation. Rides to and from airport/train/bus in Grand Junction or train/bus from Glenwood Springs can be arranged for fee. Smoking permitted outside only.

Residency Fees

Residency fees are $600 to $850/month. Please see website for descriptions of rooms and current prices. Utilities and WiFi are included. Food, travel and materials are responsibility of artists.

Stipends / other support

The cost to Elsewhere is $2500/month per artist, so residency fees are already greatly subsidized. Please inquire about possible scholarships.

Additional expectations / opportunities

Artist residents are expected to participate in 2 monthly community events held at Elsewhere: A "Meet & Greet" informational session when the artists first arrive and an end-of-the-month "Open Studio".

Contact Information

P.O. Box 926
Paonia, Colorado 81428
United States